Climate observatory for the International Space Station.


ASIM is installed on ISS on the Columbus External Payload Facility.


Launched by Falcon-9, the CRS-14 Dragon transport vehicle carried ASIM to ISS inside the un-pressurized trunk.


ASIM was installed from Dragon trunk to the ISS Columbus module by means of extra-vehicular robotics.

ASIM Videos

ASIM Relocation on Columbus EPF by ESA (Accelerated motion)

ASIM Payload Instruments and Platform Presentation by Dan D. V. Bhanderi

The Search for the Magic Lightnings (English version) by DTU Space

Jagten paa de magiske lyn (Dansk version) by DTU Space

ASIM in Real-Time ISS Earth Orbit (fake) - 20 min by Dan D. V. Bhanderi

Space Storm Hunter's Trip to Space by ESA

CRS-14 Mission by SpaceX

SpaceX CRS-14 Launch - April 2, 2018 by NASA

ASIM Payload to ISS - Transport, Installation, and Utilization by Terma/DTU

ASIM MMIA PFM Farewell Video by Terma