Climate observatory for the International Space Station.


ASIM is installed on ISS on the Columbus External Payload Facility.


Launched by Falcon-9, the CRS-14 Dragon transport vehicle carried ASIM to ISS inside the un-pressurized trunk.


ASIM was installed from Dragon trunk to the ISS Columbus module by means of extra-vehicular robotics.

ASIM Videos

The Search for the Magic Lightnings (English version) by DTU Space

Jagten paa de magiske lyn (Dansk version) by DTU Space

ASIM in Real-Time ISS Earth Orbit (fake) - 20 min by Dan D. V. Bhanderi

Space Storm Hunter's Trip to Space by ESA

CRS-14 Mission by SpaceX

SpaceX CRS-14 Launch - April 2, 2018 by NASA

ASIM Payload to ISS - Transport, Installation, and Utilization by Terma/DTU

ASIM MMIA PFM Farewell Video by Terma